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The Universe is Speaking​

It was founded by Tiffany and helps rid others of their limiting beliefs and roadblocks in life allowing them to achieve success and purposeful life.

Tiffany Rose wants you to know that there is a Universe out there deeply connected to each of us that sends us experiences, signals, and guideposts to help us live a life filled with powerful purpose and joy. Even the down times are happening “for us” and not “to us.” 

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The Universe is Speaking

Transformative Conversations to Get you Guided and on Purpose

This bestselling book contains the stories of those who have found their purpose through the many different ways the Universe has spoken to and guided them. Some of the stories are pain turned into a new path and drive. You will understand how they refused to become a victim and instead turned their challenges and loss into success. 

You can feel like a victim of your circumstances, or through reading this book you can now learn that there are gifts from The Universe to assist you in growing while making your way to prosperity and life’s treasure. Enjoy this good read about the fascinating ways that Spirit speaks to you, told through real stories of experts who became successful in their business and their personal lives, by following the roadmap sent to them from the Universe.

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This Book Reveals The Purpose of Our Life .

In Universe is Speaking, Tiffany Rose has brought us a beguiling glimpse into how ordinary people experience extraordinary events. Those who grapple with the body/soul dichotomy of human life will find camaraderie in these pages as they affirm that not all that is real can be seen and that not all that is seen is real. Throughout it all, connection endures.​

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